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The Born Power Index strives to make this service as versatile, informative and user friendly as possible. The Born Power Index now supports more search options that allow the users to have more control over the search results. However, knowing what the result will return can get confusing due to the multiple options available to the user. This page is intended to clear up most questions you may have. Please read the following, and if you still have questions please direct them to the Webmaster.

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  • General Features in All Searches
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  • Rating Search

    Report Card Search
    • You have three choices of how you want to search the database when you are searching by Report Card.
      • You can search by providing a range of ratings to return
      • Alternatively, you can search for the teams that are in the top or bottom xx percent for that section. It returns the specified percentage of the teams and sorts them by their rating.
      • Lastly, you can track the progress of your team throughout the season by selecting the number of weeks you want to trace the report cards back. If you choose a number greater than the number of report card entries, all report card entries will be returned. The first value is the most recent as indicated by the week number
    • The program starts looking at the bottom of the form and works its way up until it finds an option with all of the necessary input for that search option. So, if there is a number in the 'Number of Weeks' field, it will run that search. If 'top' or 'bottom' is selected AND there is a number in the 'Percent' field, it will search for the percent. If neither of those requirements are met, it searches the range.

    Projection Calculator
    • This feature will calculate the predicted relative strength for a game between the two selected teams.
    • You must first select the letter that each team begins with to load the teams that start with that letter. Then, you select the team from the list.
    • A non-javascript version is available but not default to save bandwidth. Simply follow the links to the non-javascript page if you need it.
    • No new functionality has been added to this feature.

    Team Search
    • There is an option box that has the letters of the alphabet in it. Select the first letter of the school name of interest and all schools starting with that letter will be returned.
    • There is an option to sort the returned data by Team (school) or Rating. The results will be sorted accordingly.

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