How to use the Projection Calculator

To use the default projection calculator, you must have JavaScript enabled on your browser. If you do not have JavaScript, you must use the non-javascript page by following the link.

In the default projection calculator, select the letter that the first team name begins with. If you have a web browser that supports JavaScript 1.2, you should not have to click the 'Load Teams' button (the teams should be loaded automatically). If the teams do not load automatically, click the 'Load Team' button. If the team you are looking for begins with 'A,' you can click the 'Load Teams' button to load all of the 'A' schools into the list. Or, you can change the letter to something else and then back to A if it loads them automatically. Clicking the load button when it is not necessary has no known side effects. Once you have loaded the teams into the lower option box, select the one that you want. Do the same for the second team, and then click 'Get the Projection' to send the information to the program.

Here is a sample of using the projection calculator:

Let's pretend that your team, 'The Best,' is playing 'Almost the Best' next weekend and you want to know the BPI projected relative strength. First, select the first letter of the first team from the list and click the load teams button if necessary. You will get:

If you clicked the 'Load Teams' button, the 'A' teams are already in there. If they are not in there, click the 'Load Teams' button now. The result is something that looks like this:

Then, you must select the team from the list. That would be 'The Best' from the first list and 'Almost the Best' from the second, so it looks like:

Now, click the 'Get the projection' button to submit the information and have the results sent back.